It is possible to get a massage that targets different parts of the body or uses different healing techniques. Massage is the practise of rubbing and kneading the body with one’s hands in order to relieve stress. To alleviate pain and tension in the muscles and joints of the body, a massage therapist will apply gentle or strong pressure to those areas. The term “massage therapist” refers to someone who has received specialised training in massage therapy.

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Have you heard rumours about the incredible orgasmic states that can be achieved through tantra and are unsure where to begin your journey?

You might be interested in learning more about what might be possible in sex other than the traditional purely physical, achievement-oriented experience.

If your interest has been piqued, you are probably interested in learning how tantric massage actually works.

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Tantric massage is all about settling into a powerful state of present moment awareness.

As a result, you or your partner will be able to experience significantly more pleasure throughout the journey, store significantly more sexual energy in your body, and (as a bonus rather than as the goal) have stronger full-body orgasms as a result.

When orgasm is not the primary goal of the interaction, but rather a possible component of it, people have more freedom to be present in the moment, according to research.

This reduces the amount of time spent worrying about whether or not they will achieve a specific objective.

In some cases, the person giving the massage may be moving the recipient’s energy around the body:

In order to achieve a higher level of bodily awareness,

In order to promote emotional and physical healing, it is necessary to release stuck energy.

As a means of fostering a stronger bond between the giver and the receiver.

While tantric massage can be extremely pleasurable, it is not intended to induce orgasm.

Instead, a greater emphasis is placed on slowly and deliberately leaning into a pleasurable experience in order to connect with one another and build relationships.

Always keep in mind that while a tantric massage does not typically involve intercourse, it can be an excellent prelude to tantric sex.

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Some tantric massage techniques place a greater emphasis on the entire body, whereas more sensual or erotic massage techniques may place a greater emphasis on stimulating the yoni (vulva) or the lingam, respectively (penis).

The focus of this article will be on erotic tantric massage techniques that are more erotic in nature.

Consider the following information if you are a recipient, whether you are a man or woman.

Men who are primarily concerned with getting to penetrative sex are often surprised to discover how much they enjoy receiving a tantric massage during their sessions.

Your partner will shower you with attention and stimulation, and there will be no expectation or pressure on you to do anything in return.

You can anticipate the following:

  • In order to feel completely relaxed
  • During the massage, you should be able to feel your arousal building and possibly waning; a physical erection may also come and go.
  • Improve your awareness of how much your partner enjoys the fact that he or she is the source of your pleasure
  • Another thing to keep in mind as a man is that the experience may or may not include ejaculation, and it is perfectly acceptable if it occurs too soon or not at all.
  • Tantric massage can be used as prelude to sexual encounters, but it’s important to let go of the expectation of sexual encounters in order to be able to be fully immersed in the massage experience.

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There are a few massage places that do this type of massage, however, These methods and adopted for use on the traditional massage table and with the guidance of overhead obstacles.

Various forms of barefooted massage are known worldwide and have been exercised for thousands of years.

This sole Massage is the adoption of barefoot-style massage. It’s beneficial for relieving pain & raising energy.

Its sources in India also, where the barefooted technique is described as Chavutti Thirummal. It is also practiced in China, Fiji, and several other countries, in different forms.

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